The Rewards for Owning A Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan

Annual changes in the benefit structure in some Medicare Advantage plans can affect your health care budget. Many discovered that out-of-pocket expenses increased while their benefits decreased. On the other hand, Medicare supplement plans help you cover your health care costs. Your Advantage plan will automatically adapt to changes in the Medicare deductible and coinsurance from year to year.

Select your hospitals and doctors

You have total freedom of choice for your doctors and hospitals when you have original Medicare, along with a Medigap Insurance Plan. You do not have to deal with provider networks or get a referral if you need to see a specialist. You are free to consult any provider at any time.

Other health plans may have local networks. Providers can log out and join the network. This can prevent you from receiving care from people you know and trust.

Guaranteed renewable coverage

MA plans can review their government contracts every year. Each year, the plans are totally suspended. Displaced members must now go through the process of finding another plan. Medicare supplement insurance plans are guaranteed as renewable. The only way to lose your plan is if you don’t pay the premium.

Any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare will accept the Medicare supplement.

All providers and hospitals that accept Medicare will also accept your Medicare Supplement Plan. This is not true with MA’s plans. A service provider may choose not to participate in an AM plan and even participating providers may choose not to accept new patients. Be sure to consult your providers when considering a health plan.

Fully portable cover

Original Medicare covers it anywhere in the country and can be enrolled in at Your Medicare supplement covers it anywhere Medicare does. In fact, there are some plans that will cover emergency medical expenses abroad. You can rest easy while traveling and a change of location does not require a change in insurance.

What about the guaranteed question?

There are circumstances that can guarantee guaranteed emission rights with respect to the protection of Medicare supplement coverage. This means that you can apply for any Medicare supplement plan you want and you will not be asked health questions. You have this right when you are in the open enrollment period, when you are first eligible for Medicare. There are also other occasions, for example, if you leave your plan’s coverage area or if your plan stops offering coverage in your area, if you are in a group pension plan and your coverage is suspended, and if you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and it is your first time in an MA plan and choose to return to the original Medicare.