The features of a connected thermostat

Learning preferences

Respect given schedules; that’s good.  This is what several connected thermostats offers. This is a different level of intelligence, since according to the queries, you will ask your thermostat connected, it gets to know your house better than you do. Nevertheless, this type of thermostat requires a few days of learning before operating as it should. Click here for the best wifi thermostat


The schedule is not exclusive of connected thermostats, but most of them embark this feature. Simply, it allows you to save time slots to be associated with the temperature of your choice. Adapt them to your working hours and your home will be heated when you get home, every day, without you need to worry about.

It is also in this category that we can arrange the holiday fashion, which you mute any activity heating for a period to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Remote control

ecobee thermostat

The primary interest of connected objects is still the fact that they can be controlled remotely. This is no problem with your connected thermostat. Since you already have a dedicated application that allows you to interact directly with your thermostat, you only need a Bluetooth connection or home automation to control from anywhere in the house. With an internet connection, you can even interact with it worldwide.


mobile thermostat

This is undoubtedly the most interesting feature offered by a connected thermostat. As you know, your smartphone has several ways to locate its geographical position, and it interests your thermostat. Why? Because rather than programmed in advance to turn your home from work (which requires you to come back every day at the same times), you can ask it to activate as you approach within a certain distance of home.

Namely, for the most cautious, your thermostat connected does not know exactly your location, only your distance compared to your home. What gains efficiency without neglecting the security of your data.

In all cases, it is always advisable to hire a professional to avoid risks.

But for some models like the DolceVita connected thermostat GDF Suez, the intervention of a third party is included in the product price.


mobile control

We have to choose the model that corresponds to the mobile device that is to say; focus on the compatibility of the device and application of connected thermostat. Two models are on sale, those adapted to smartphones Android and those who adapt to mobile iOS. But some are also dedicated to devices Windows phone.

The connected thermostat must also fit with heating available in the foyer. Overall, the connected thermostats are compatible with most heating systems run on electricity, wood, fuel oil, the heat pump or gas. But this is still to check when buying. It is also worth mentioning anything that is incidental. The devices to be mounted on the thermostatic valve on your radiator will only work on one of these heaters, and a thermostat is not, strictly speaking, but it still allows some control over the temperature of your home.

The different connection methods are also important in the operation of a connected thermostat because it is from them that depend on the opportunities. In general, there are three kinds:

–  Connection Wi-Fi: A thermostat with Wi-Fi is a thermostat connected to the Internet. Through this, it can receive indications even when you are out of range of the Bluetooth connection, which lets you control anywhere on the globe.

–  Connection Bluetooth: This type of local connection is the most used in the walls of the house. It simply allows the smartphone to lead directly the thermostat connected to the condition of being in range. It is also in this category that we put the radio or infrared connection that can link connected thermostats with various gateways.

–  Home Automation Connections: This indication especially of interest to owners of the home automation network, since according to the available protocols, this will allow them to connect their thermostats to the network of their home.

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